Sick Cycle are two marfunkers (Westy & Levon) hailing from the south end of Christchurch, New Zealand (the city where even the ground rumbles not just the sub's). At more than 50 releases deep on a barrage of renowned labels such as Rottun and Section 8 Recordings, they thoroughly throw away any notion of writing commercial bollocks to line their pockets - they keep it real - I mean like for real real not for play play. 

They've even co-founded a new electronic genres like the Trunglist Movement (alongside Criss Hathaway), as well as being instrumental in the dark end of dubstep and drum n bass the world over. And still they refuse to reneg from smashing noises to pieces, only to reassemble them in a manner satisfactory to even the most arrogant, self righteous electronic music junkie. Theirs is that unmistakable gritty sound synonymous with anything they put their name to. If your'e one of those, then hunt down Sick cycle on Section 8 Recordings, as they're now the only label allowed to release files from the Sick Cycle vaults to you. Sick Cycle and Section 8 Recordings are here for you, so your speakers move in and out all like berrrr ting warp warp, bludclart warp warp. 

For more you need to know about these living demigods of musical chaos, use that magic internet thing that's probably on you desk or maybe even in you pocket - online at, or get to a gig and find out first hand the unmistakable noise of Sick Cycle. 

Sick Cycle use audio hardware by: Dynaudio, MOTU, Roland, Soundcraft, Waldorf, Quasimidi.

Please have a listen below and be sure to stay up to date by liking the facebook page here.

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